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Doom pour DS

MessagePosté: Ven 26 Aoû 2011 09:38
par sniper3d
N'aynat pas voulu newser Doom lors de sa dernière mise a jour, je me permet de le faire aujourd'hui, car avec ceci il est devenu incontournable.

Wintermute nous propose la version 1.2.1 de "DS Doom", portage du jeu culte Doom basé sur le moteur de jeu prboom.


2011-08-20 - DS Doom 1.2.1 uploaded.

restore automap zoom controls.
prevent freeze on changing SFX volume.
bring up keyboard for save name editing.
A & B buttons operate as select & back in menus.

2011-08-14 - PWAD and DEH Support.
With the release of hbmenu 0.4.1 we now have the ability to pass command lines to DS Doom which makes it particularly easy to run mods. Have a look at the documentation page for more details.

2011-08-10 - DS Doom 1.2.0 uploaded.

Rebuilt with latest libnds, dswifi and libfat
Now loads files from same directory as nds file on argv supporting cards
Runs in DSi mode with extra RAM and CPU speed.

2007-08-02 - DS Doom 1.1.2 uploaded.

Rebuilt with latest libnds, dswifi and libfat
fixed warnings
zero terminate user string
remove dead code
move version info to makefile
remove logo to allow booting on Supercard

2007-08-01 - Site redesigned.

2006-08-08 - DS Doom 1.1.1 uploaded.

replaced old gba_nds_fat code with libfat
rebuilt with latest toolchain & support libraries

2006-08-08 - DS Doom 1.0.0 uploaded.

2006-08-07 - Site created.
A lot of functionality has been implemented in the SVN repository over the past week or so and DSDoom is basically ready to be released for beta testing.


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