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Any comparisons between the Wii and Wii U for Wii games?

MessagePosté: Sam 17 Mar 2018 11:16
par aaronpawlak

We know that the latest revisions of Wii consoles from 2012 has the best visual clarity compared to the other revisions, but what about the visual clarity of Wii games when played on a Wii U through component outputs? The Wii U has the actual Wii hardware inside of it (unlike say the Xbox One and PS Vita which uses software emulation to run respectively Xbox 360 and PSP games) and actual runs just like a Wii if you use it with a component (480i and 480p) or RGB scart cable (only for PAL units and limited to 480i and 576i).Anybody noticed any difference in quality between playing Wii games on a 2012 Wii (RVL-101) and a Wii U in 480i/p?

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