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MultiMAN v04.02.04

MessagePosté: Dim 26 Fév 2012 17:57
par TGbot

MultiMan est une gestionnaire de fichiers et de backups sur PS3 développé par Deank
Voici la nouvelle version qui amène son lot de nouveautés




La version 04.02.03 ajoute le support 3D et les fichiers avi 3D doivent être renommés avec l'extension .avi3d.


* Support et d'affichage pour 7 périphériques (HDD / USB / BD / SDHC / MS / CF)
* Support de lecture à distance via PSP ou d'autres périphériques compatibles
* Miise à jour automatique intégrée
* Support pour l'activation AVCHD à partir de dispositifs USB externes
* Support pour la lecture de contenu AVCHD et Blu-ray à partir du disque dur interne
* Support Overscan pour DLP et TV CRT
* Lecture des fichiers MP3
* JPEG / PNG visionneuse d'image
viewer * fichier HEX
* Support des polices freetype au moins 15 (l'utilisateur peut modifier à l'aide [R3] dans les modes d'affichage du jeu)

* Fixed rare issue when launching video files from NTFS and /net_host (when file is >2GB and there is no space on /dev_hdd1)
* Added support for playing video files (including AVI3D) from NTFS drives and remote /net_host servers
* Returning from Stereo Player will fall back to standard 2D mode
* Stereo files (avi3d) in 1920x1080 resolution are treated as SBS 960x1080 per eye (default)
* Audio output uses Dolby Digital if available (for 5.1 AC3 audio)
* Controls:
[START] - Pause / Resume
[RIGHT / LEFT] - Skip 120 sec forward/rewind
[DOWN / UP] - Skip 10% forward/rewind
[SELECT] - Toggle 4x fast-forward / normal playback
[R3] - Toggles SBS and TB/OU modes if autodetection fails
[CIRCLE] - Return to mM
[TRIANGLE] - Exit to XMB
[L1/R1/L2/R2] - Change L/R-eye color bias in anaglyph display mode

* Added experimental/POC support for frame-packed 3D video playback
* Video files in AVI 3D format must be named with .avi3d (AVI3D) file extension

* Supported formats:
- DivX or XviD in AVI container (FourCC codes must be divx/DX50. When XviD codec is used, mM will change the IDs automatically)
- SIDE-BY-SIDE 3D: 1920x 720 ( 960x720 frame per eye)
- TOP-BOTTOM(O/U): 1280x1080 (1280x540 frame per eye)

* Simple video controls in stereo player: [START] - Pause playback, [CIRCLE] - Quit playback, [UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT] - Adjustments for anaglyph mode
* If TV set supports 3D video playback - 3D AVI files will be played back in 3D mode
* If TV set does not support 3D video playback - 3D AVI files will be played back in red/cyan anaglyph mode (Red-Cyan glasses needed)
* Two stereo samples in SBS and TB format (xvid_encraw used for encoding):

* Added sort options in File Manager:
-> SELECT+R2 changes sort order: name / date
-> SELECT+L2 changes sort order: ascending / descending
* Fixed overlapping of text entries in context menu in File Manager mode
* Added function to change the font in File Manager mode by pressing [R3]
* Exiting with {PS} button will save last state and options
* Added custom commands to FTP (quit/restart the application and shutdown/restart the PS3)
* Improved font rendering (faster and no more blue-tint artifacts)
* Improved graphics rendering (no more GUI glitches)

* Added new display mode ("TMB" - Top Media Bar) to replace "Box-art" mode
* Added new option in Settings - "Top Media Bar Color" to set user-defined color for top and bottom stripes in TMB mode
* Added new background image in the original theme (TMBBG.JPG) for TMB display mode
* Improved speed when copying files
* Optimized memory usage (another 10MB of RAM available for operations)
* Added support for scanning /dev_usb010 to /dev_usb099 for PSX/PS2/PS3/PSP/BD/DVD ISO files
* Added four (4) new colors to SIDE/TMB color setting options and two options in COLOR.INI to set side/tmb colors from themes
* Added function to "Quit to XMB" if [CIRCLE] (or [CROSS] if X/O swap is set in options) button is held pressed
* Added visual slider indication when scrolling through a lot of entries (XMMB, TMB and XBDM modes + when browsing devices)
* Reminder for BD-Remote colored keys: RED - Quit, GREEN - Screen Saver, YELLOW - Restart, BLUE - To File Manager and back

* Improved FTP transfer speed even more
* Improved FTP compatibility with certain clients (wininet)
* Improved "Game list (4x2)" display mode
* Improved "Game list (poster)" display mode
* Improved overall speed and stability and fixed some GUI glitches
* Optimized memory usage (10MB more RAM available for operations)
* Optimized caching procedure for game icons and backgrounds (ICON0/PIC1.PNG) - faster and less HDD space used
* Added "Group Titles by Genre" option in the SIDE menu and changed the function of [SQUARE] button: now opens "Game Settings" menu

* Changed: 4x2 display mode is rewritten to use XMMB engine which makes it 5x faster and allows access to all content (Games/Music/Video/Photo/Retro/ISO)
* Added "4.11" option in "System Firmware Version" to spoof reported version to the latest OFW 4.11
* Added support for loading network PSX/PS3/BD/DVD ISO/BIN+CUE images to lastGAME2 application
* Added proper support for covers in "Coverflow" mode, without affecting XMMB and other display modes (covers in Coverflow/4x2 modes and icons in BOARD mode)
* Added PIN-protected option "Reset Options to Default" in SETTINGS (press [TRIANGLE] to access it in the SIDE menu). Default PIN is "0000".
* Added support for forcefully resetting mM to default during boot if L2+R2+L3+R3 buttons are pressed
* Changed: PIN-protected options will not prompt for PIN code if using the default PIN "0000". If "Parental Level" is set, games which require higher level will still require PIN.

* Added support for creating ISO/BIN+CUE images from PS2 CD and PS1/PSX CD *directly* to remote host
* Added automatic extraction of thumbnails after ISO/BIN+CUE is created (PS3/PS2/PSX/BD/DVD)
* Added support for displaying coverart/jacket for Blu-ray and AVCHD discs (if /HDAVCTN or /BDMV/META/DL folders contain jpg jacket-image)
* Added support for creating ISO files from folders to remote host (ISO is cached to internal HDD and then moved to remote host)
* Improved FTP transfer speed (up to 10MB/s over 100Mbit connection)
* Improved transfer speed from and to remote hosts (/net_host) (up to 10MB/s over 100Mbit connection)
* Improved scanning of remote host content folders
* Added support to set "External Game Data" for games/applications installed under /dev_hdd0/game or /dev_usb***/GAMEI (RELOAD.SELF required)
* Fixed few issues introduced in 04.01.01, related to displaying/refreshing Retro/Music/Photo columns

Télécharger multiMAN 04.02.04 (Mise à jour)
Télécharger rmultiMAN 04.02.00 FULL
Télécharger multiMAN ver 04.02.00 BASE
Télécharger multiMAN EMULATOR PACK (FW 3.55)


Re: MultiMAN v04.02.00

MessagePosté: Mar 28 Fév 2012 17:50
par TGbot
Maj MultiMAN v04.02.00


Re: MultiMAN v04.02.02

MessagePosté: Mer 14 Mar 2012 10:04
par TGbot
Maj Multiman 4.02.02


Re: MultiMAN v04.02.03

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par TGbot
Maj Multiman 4.02.03


Re: MultiMAN v04.02.04

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par TGbot
Maj Multiman 4.02.04


Re: MultiMAN v04.02.04

MessagePosté: Ven 16 Mar 2012 12:01
par chronoss
Il fait vraiment du bon travail !

Re: mmCM (aka) MultiMAN v04.03.03 + mmOS + covers

MessagePosté: Sam 9 Juin 2012 08:50
par chronoss
Je ne l'ai pas encore tester, je pense le faire dès que possible.

Merci :74: