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Multiman 04.19.01 Base + Update

MessagePosté: Jeu 3 Jan 2013 12:17
par darkscad

Multiman est devenu avec le temps indispensable aux possesseurs de PS3 en CFW.
Ce lanceur de Jeux PS1 (en backup DVD), Homebrews, Video, Retro-games ainsi que de jeux PS2, PS1, PSP en iso via le Dongle Cobra.

La version 04.19.00, est celle qui apporte l'utilisation de ISO PS1.
Souvent mis à jour par DEANK.



Vous pouvez mettre à jour MULTIMAN (pas la PS3) dans les options en haut à gauche paramètres/mise à jour.

Attention utilisé que la version de votre système.

Version CEX = version retail donc c'est a 99% votre version.
Version DEX = version modifié la console retail en version Développeur.
Version Steal = Version furtif de multiman.

Télécharger Multiman 04.19.01

Télécharger Multiman 04.18.04

Télécharger Multiman 04.18.00

Télécharger Multiman 04.18.00 Base

Télécharger Multiman 04.18.00 Full

Changelog :
04.19.01 : * Support des jeux multi-disques Ps1
* Mise à jour de Showtime pour mM et version standalone en 04.01.451
Includes CEX/DEX/STEALTH updates. Also available in the WEB column.

* Added initial support for single-disc PS1 ISO/BIN backups (/PSXISO /PSXGAMES folders)
* PS1 ISO/BIN backups will show in the RETRO column
* PS1 ISO/BIN backups compatibility is much lower than burned PS1 CD backups

* Credits for the PS1 EMU patches go solely to Estwald/Hermes


Memory cards are stored per game in the same folder as the game. Covers can be named as the iso/bin with .jpg (3264x3264 max) or .png (416x414 max) extension (or as COVER.JPG (3264x3264 max) when using PSXGAMES folder with game-name subfolder).

Don't forget that pressing [SQUARE] in the RETRO column groups content (emulator ROMS, PS1/PS2/PSP).

04.18.04 : There is a bug introduced in mM 04.17.00 from December 20th, 2012.

When copying folders/games mM skips files with names x.yyy (1 letter name . extension).

Thanks to GotIt4Free for sounding the alarm. The bug is present in versions 04.17.00/01/02/03/04/05, 04.18.00/01/02/03 so if you're on one of these versions I strongly suggest that you update to 04.18.04.

(available online)

* When on-screen-keyboard (OSK) is used and user cancels the entry mM will not accept the entered text
* Created proper ring-buffer for mp3 playback which should mean no more glitches/pauses of the music
* Restored support for GLC3.PNG for themes in 8x4 mode
* Increased screenshot JPEG quality to 90% and 1MB buffer size
* Toolbox/IPF from /app_home will be activated when you quit mM with {PS} button on 4.30 Rogero CFWs
* Fixed a bug introduced in mM 04.17.00: mM skipping 1-letter filenames (x.yyy) when copying folders


multiMAN ver 04.18.04 UPD (20130115).zip (5.78MB)

multiMAN ver 04.18.04 UPD (20130115).zip (5.78MB)

04.18.01 :  Greatly improved graphics rendering (visuals) when mM is used in 480p/576p/720p
Browsing Blu-ray, AVCHD and DVD-Video discs from the BD/DVD icon in Video column now works
Removed duplicates of BD/AVCHD/DVD-Video entries in the Video column
Fixed mouse-control when mmOS is the first display mode after mM starts
Toolbox/IPF from /app_home will be activated when you quit mM on 4.30 Rogero CFWs (not if you load a game)

Includes CEX, DEX and STEALTH updates.

Update is also available for download from the WEB column.


04.18.00 : Originally Posted by deank View Post
multiMAN 04.18.00 is available for online update (and also in the WEB column)

multiMAN ver 04.18.00 (20130105).zip (29.38MB)

The zip includes CEX and DEX updates and the BASE STEALTH. If you download the zip from the Web column you can 'unzip' it via mmOS from /dev_hdd0/packages.

* Added support for downloadable packages/files in the Web column
* Fixed some minor issues (rename/delete) when using "Game Settings" menu (after using L1/R1 to switch games)
* Reworked some core functions and improved mM's performance even more
* Added back "Install Package Files Method" to Settings for 4.30 firmwares
* Removed pulsing of the currently selected entry (works better with some fonts)
* "Game Settings" menu now loads faster
* If the background game-verification didn't complete and you had to wait for "Verifying..." it will now happen only once per game. The result of the verification is now remembered


I rewrote and optimized a lot of functions in this version and you will notice the difference.

04.17.05 : *Ajout de pkg téléchargeables depuis dans la colonne Web.
*Correction de l'accès aux disques vidéo AVCHD/Blu-ray et DVD.
*Lors du déplacement de fichiers à l'intérieur du même disque, mmOS ne vérifiera plus l'espace libre disponible.
*Amélioration de la lecture des images de fond pour les jeux sur USB.
*lastGAME supporte désormais les vidéos AVCHD présentes sur un HDD.

04.17.04 : * Visual improvements
* Added SD/MS/CF entries in Retro
* Fade-in for game backgrounds
* Some other improvements related to copying/scanning/verifying/etc

04.17.00 BASE : multiMAN ver 04.17.00 BASE (20121220).rar (111.88MB)

* multiMAN ver 04.17.00 BASE CEX (20121220).pkg
* multiMAN ver 04.17.00 BASE DEX (20121220).pkg
* multiMAN ver 04.17.00 BASE CEX STEALTH (20121220).rar
* Latest versions of mmRAS and mmRAS_server by aldostools
* Latest version of installPKG (with support for /dev_hdd0/PKGTMP)
* Showtime, bdRESET, stDISC, gameDATA, lastGAME as usual


Here are the changes from 04.16.02/03/04/05/06 to the latest:

* Improved overall speed of all functions and GUI
* Data Test/Verify functions now take fraction of the time compared to previous versions
* Improved 'Verifying data' of USB games by a factor of 50
* Improved scan before copying a game/folder
* Improved loading folders in mmOS
* Improved just a bit deleting games/folders
* Greatly improved loading content when browsing PS3 HDD/USB drives in game modes
* Loading Retro ROM/Video/Photo and ISO folders while browsing PS3 HDD/USB is now about 15 times faster
* Added "Friendly" name option in "Settings"/"Network Servers" for /net_host parties
* Fixed over-scrolling when browsing through large number of entries
* Increased max number of entries in game modes by 50% to 3072 (from 2048)
* Improved speed when copying games/files from/to USB HDDs
* Improved speed when copying games from PS3 Game Discs
* Improved speed when copying/browsing folders via FTP (LIST/MLSD)
* Added support for up to 99 pkg files in the [* Install Package Files] queue
* [* Install Package Files] function will scan /dev_hdd0/PKGTMP and will MOVE the queued pkg files from this folder (saving HDD space by not copying to temp location)
* mmOS will now honor the "Verify USB Games" setting when starting games from icons/shortcuts/game-folder
* Scanning for active USB storage devices is now performed in the background and will speed up loading games on 4.**CFW
* Verifying games in now performed in the background (when possible) to avoid delays when loading games


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Merci pour ce topic :74:

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:100: Multiman 04.19.00 :mrgreen:

Re: Multiman 04.19.01 Base + Update

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par chronoss
Où placer les ISO PSone dans le disque interne de la console ainsi que les jaquettes ?