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Diablo sorceress project v1.1.2

MessagePosté: Dim 29 Jan 2012 09:53
par sniper3d
Rodeur nous propose la mise à jour de Diablo sorceress project en version 1.1.2


Pad : move
START : Pause
Select : skill menu : touch the wanted skill with stylus, set secondary skill by pressing L+stylus at the same time (like launching it)
Stylus : Launch skill
Stylus + L-button : launch secondary skill
X button : savemenu
Y button : load menu

Change log (v1.1.2):

For the players:
-Added a menu after splash screens, save/load/controls.
-Npc dialogue (with sound streaming) On
-Questline: small and simple quests. Complete the questline for a special reward ;)
-Finished waypoint menu
-Fixed some display glitches
-Adjusted some skills, firewall/blaze were too powerful

Code improvements:
-Map are now loaded via nitrofs, with text files for config
-Quests can be made easily via a text file
-Sprites/images are now loaded dynamiccaly, it's a bit more clean
-Cleaned some ugly parts of the source code (though theres a lot to do left...)
-Fixed various bugs

Change log (v1.1.1):

-Deleted all palib related content, keeps only some misc functions
-Using maxmod instead of aslib, with default arm7 core
-Top screen is handled with only vram banks H and I so that i doubled the space of textures
*Orbs of life and mana or now a lot smoother!
*Enabled some backgrounds for the dialogues (will mainly come in later versions with new NPC)
*Everything is loaded by nitrofs
-Maps are now loaded dynamically with nitrofs
-Some litlle fixes

Version Alpha 1.1.0

-Beginning of the story
-2Maps (second available at level5)
-Save (file named d2save.sav, at the root of the card)
-Level management
-many fixes
-few dialogues
-added more sounds (still need to add more but haven't got the time right now)
-2 new mobs
-Most of the formulas are the same as in diablo2
Much more..?

Version Alpha 1.0.5

-Real map,can't (who said teleport power? :ninja: ) escape your tragic destiny against zombies...
->Added fences, trees...
->Objects of background fading when your behind it to see what's happening
-Ice skills freezing(not really but at least slowing by half ;) would have been to much power) your enemies!
-Major fix when having more than 150objects and deleting some objects, it was deleting the wrong sprites.
-Changed filesystem from efs to devkitarm filesystem (nitrofs)
-Now two versions of the game, one with sound and another without, should fix loading issues
-Added teleport and charged bolt skills
More things but it's secret, still testing, will come soon, or not!

Version Alpha 1.0.4

-changed death screen and death system code
-added new skills : blaze, firewall and hydra
-changed skill menu background to tiled version, takes less space in rom
-Now need to click on a skill or exit button instead of anywhere on the screen to quit skill menu
-reduced size of many images due to memory lack as using palib+ulib
-fixed a litle error in the hitbox collision code
-Implemented auras code

Version Alpha 1.0.3 :
-quick update
-added zombie autospawn feature, must enhance it so that its more and more difficult
-choose skill at start, recommanding the orb for moment
-change skill menu by pressing select
-moved file hosting to filetrip
-added death system

Version Alpha 1.0.2 :
-Come back with zombie version, the spawning function will be added soon
-First real release
-Game engine nearly full coded, only need to add monsters maps, story
-Still need to get back some old things from previous version (3y ago) but havnt got time now
-Orb skill added
-Enabled alpha blending feature
-lot of other things, maybe not viewable by this rom - coming later

Version Alpha 1.0.1


old French logs

Ver 00.1 :
-Ajout de monstres, ia réduite cependant(n'attaquent pas encore)+animation de mort
-Firebolt disponible (mana illimité et vous êtes intouchables, profitez en )
-Fix de bugs (peu visibles mais présents)
-Vu l'importance de ces ajouts, je me suis permis de déplacer la virgule
A venir :
-une map avec des arbres
-afficher les stats des mobs(vie etc) sur la partie droite l'écran supérieur (ou la map je vais réfléchir)
-toute bonne idée citée ici

BOOOOOMMMMM Formatage de disque, perte du projet, reprise quasi à zero avec PALib + Ulib

ver 000.4 :
Premier sort disponible, tout simple, j'ai nommé : le télport!
bah oui c'est un des plus simple a coder et puis des sorts d'attques alors qu'y a pas de mobs, quelle utilité?
Donc pour le fun j'ai mis une map plus grande, avec un ou deux obstacles pour pouvoir faire mumuse avec ce sort.
Sinon rien de nouveau... à part la musique!
Je suis passé a la derniere realese de PALib avec As_lib donc j'ai mis un joli mp3

ver 000.3:
-Ajout de collisions et d'une charrettes sur la map

ver 000.2 :
-affichage de diverses infos sur le personnage sur l'écran supérieur
-mod (start pour jouer/stopper)
-bruit de fireball lorsque l'on touche l'ecran(desactivez le mod ça s'entends mieux)

ver 000.1 :
Bah c'est encore en version alpha donc vous pouvez juste faire se déplacer la sorcière sur une map infinie

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